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The counsellors are experienced practitioners who work with people in a variety of ways to help them reach their potential for growth, healing and change.

What is counselling?
Counselling is the motivating process that helps people find resources within themselves to plot their

own pathway into the future.

Who are counsellors?
Counsellors are people who are trained in a range of counselling practices and psychotherapies. They are experienced in them and follow a profession Code of Ethics which governs their behaviours. Counsellors will listen to you and the issues in your life. They will provide time, space, focus and consideration of your needs.

Who can come to counselling?
Counselling is available for people of all cultures, genders, ethnicities and spiritual beliefs.

They may come as individuals, as couples or families.

How is counselling arranged?
Referral by your doctor, social worker, minister, priest, family member, friend or by self referral.

How much does counselling cost?
This depends on your circumstances and your ability to pay. Talk to your counsellor.

Discuss the matter openly and honestly.

Our counsellors are:
Marie Livesey
Penny Courrier

Please contact us by telephone on 04 902 5809 to make an appointment. 

Our service is based out of the Kapiti Uniting Church building, 10 Weka Road, Raumati Beach.

Entrance is across the road from Raumati Beach School.

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